ECE Focus Area: Internet of Things (CSE)















The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the evolution and integration of the Internet to intelligent devices, sensors, actuators, controllers, and other types of Internet-enabled components. IoT-based applications have started to enable seminal advancements in a wide range of areas, including health and lifestyle; transportation; smart cities; environment; energy; agriculture; and industry. These complex IoT applications are comprised of a variety of sensors, wired/wireless communication technologies, data collection and storage techniques, data analytics and machine learning, decision making, security, and more. IoT applications are also increasingly concerned with issues regarding privacy and ethics. The umbrella of IoT technologies is rapidly growing and is becoming relevant to a wide variety of industries. Students pursing this Focus Area will gain an understanding of the many components that comprise an IoT system and how they might be integrated to benefit almost any organization.

Students interested in this FA are encouraged to consider the course suggestions listed below when completing their Plan of Study Form.

Computer Science and Engineering Requirements Suggested Options
5000-Level ECE Elective
(Select one)
ECE:5550 Internet of Things (IoT)
ECE Elective
(Select one)
ECE:5450 Machine Learning
ECE:5820 Software Languages and Tools (Same as CS:5820)
ECE:5995 Contemporary Topics in ECE
ECE:4480 Knowledge Discovery (Same as CS:4480, MSCI:4480)
ECE:5800 Fundamentals of Software Engineering (Same as CS:5800)
ECE:5530 Wireless Sensor Networks
ECE:5500 Communication Theory
ECE:5520 Information and Coding Theory
ECE:5460 Digital Signal Processing (Same as IGPI:5460)
ECE:5480 Digital Image Processing (Same as IGPI:5480, BME:5220)
4000-Level or Above CS Elective
(Select one)
CS:4400 Database Systems
CS:4640 Computer Security
CS:4420 Artificial Intelligence
CS:5430 Machine Learning
CS:4630 Mobile Computing
CS Elective
(Select one)
All 4000-level and above CS electives listed above and
CS:4980 Topics in Computer Science II (Varies by semester; not all sections may be acceptable)
Additional Electives
(Select one 3 s.h. & one ≥2 s.h.)
ISE:5650 Mechatronics Engineering Smart Device Design
ME:4145 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
STAT:4580 Data Visualization and Data Technologies


















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