Masters of Science: Software Engineering Subprogram

A subprogram in software engineering subprogram is available to both thesis and nonthesis students. Both thesis and nonthesis options require a minimum of 30 s.h. of graduate credit. All rules for additional credit and the M.S. final examination are the same as for the M.S. without the subprogram. Successful completion of the subprogram results in a degree designation that specifies the software engineering subprogram on a student's transcript.

The software engineering subprogram requires the following course work. 

ECE:5320 High Performance Computer Architecture 3
ECE:5330 Graph Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization 3
ECE:5800 Fundamentals of Software Engineering 3
ECE:5810 Formal Methods in Software Engineering 3
ECE:5820 Software Engineering Languages and Tools 3
ECE:5830 Software Engineering Project 3
  One additional course:  Please consult with ECE Graduate Committee  3


In addition to the courses listed above, thesis students complete another 3 s.h. of approved course work and another 6 s.h. in  ECE:5999 Research: Electrical and Computer Engineering M.S. Thesis; nonthesis students complete another 9 s.h of approved course work. Students that complete one or more required courses as an undergraduate can substitute courses from the list of approved ECE courses, see the list of approved courses in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Manual.