Highlight Videos from Recent Senior Design Projects 2020-2022

See how our student teams developed amazing projects, embraced “Engineering and Something More”, and had fun!

2022 Cohort

Best Overall Project:

The Brogrammers: Herky AR App 











Best Software Project:  

The Ohmbres: iCOWS 











Best Hardware Project:  

SparkBug: MRI heart phantom with computer-aided control  











Most Popular Projects:

  1. Oops All EEs: Iowa Way-ve










  1. T.E.C.K.:  Fencing Scoring device

2021 Cohort

1st Prize: 

Team λx.x: Pilot Fatigue Detection System











2nd Prizes

Team Oblivion: End-to-End Encrypted Video Conferencing


Team MAMA: UVC Disinfection Device



3rd Prizes

Team 404 Brain Not Found: Park App


Quaranteam: Point and Shoot 3D Scanner


Tinker Tailor Solder Scribe (TTSS): Touch Screen Power Supply with IoT


Honorable Mentions

Team Cactus 2: Boom for Lunar Applications Miniaturized Experiment (BLAZE) Telemetry


Team S.T.A.C.K.: Aquaponics Display


The Ohm Depot: Low Vision Enhancement Opto-Electric Belt

Highlight Videos of ECE/CSE Senior Design Projects 2020

See how our student teams overcame COVID pandemic, collaborated remotely, and developed amazing projects. Our students embraced “Engineering and Something More” and had fun!


Modulation Schemeers


Team Pixel


Hacky Slackers




Boja Mes Systems








Easy As Pi