Minors Satisfying General Education Requirements

Minors That May Satisfy General Education Requirements

Below you will find what classes you can take that will satisfy both the 15 s.h of required general education and part ,if not all, of a CLAS minor.

Minor Department Engineering Be Creative Courses (3 s.h required) CLAS General Education Course (3 s.h required) Addtional (9 s.h required)
American Studies (AMST)      
Anthroplogy (ANTH) N/A

ANTH:1201 Introduction to Prehistory

ANTH:1046 People and the Enironment: Technology, Culture, and Social Justice

ANTH:2100 Anthropology and Contemporary World Problems

ANTH: 2110 Latin American Economy and Society

ANTH 2136 Urban Anthropology

ANTH:2261 Human Impacts on the Environment

ANTH:1101 Cultural Anthropology

ANTH:1401 Language, Culture, and Communication


Minor Completed by taking one additional 2000 or higher level ANTH department course
Art History (ARTH) N/A

ARTH:1040 Arts in Africa

ARTH:1050 From Cave Paintings to Cathedrals: Survey of Western Art I

ARTH:1060 From Mona Lisa to Modernism: Survey of Western Art II

ARTH:1070 Asian Art and Cuture

ARTH:1095 American Indian Art

Completed by taking three ARTH courses that are 2000 level or higher
Art ARTS:1510 Basic Drawing ARTS:1520 Design Fundementals

One studio art 3-D course

CERM:2010 Exploring Forms in Clay

INTM:2710 Introduction to Intermedia

MTLS:2910 Introduction to Jewerly and Metal Arts

SCLP:2810 Undergraduate Sculpture I

TDSN:2210 Problems in 3-D design

One in studio art 2-D course

ANIM:2215 Introduction to Animation

DRAW:2310 Life Drawning I

DSGN:2110 Graphic Design I

PHTO:2510 Beginning Digital Photography

PNTG:2410 Painting I


Cinema(CINE) CINE:1834 Modes of Film and Video Production N/A Completed by taking three CINE courses 1620 level or above
Geography (GEOG) N/A N/A Completed by taking GEOG courses 3000 level or above
Global Health Studies (GHS) N/A N/A Completed by taking GHS courses 3000 level or above
Gender Studies (GWWS) N/A N/A

GWWS:1001 Introduction to Gender,Women's and Sexuality 

(Required but does not satisfy the 9 s.h)

Completed by taking GWWS courses 2000 level or higher

History (HIST) N/A Completed by taking HIST courses 3000 level or higher Completed by taking HIST courses 3000 level or higher
International Studies(IS) N/A IS:2000 Introduction to International Studies Completed by taking IS courses 3000 level or higher
Linguistics(LING) N/A

LING:3117 Psychology of Language

LING:3118 Language of Acquisiton

LING:3001 Introduction to Linguistics

LING:3005 Articulory and Acoustics Phonetics

LING:3010 Synthetic Analysis

LING:3020 Phonological Analysis

Music(MUS) N/A

MUS:1001 Group Piano I: Non-Music Majors

MUS:1009 Jazz Cultures in America and Abroad

MUS:1012 Creativity in Music

MUS:1020 Performance Instruction for Nonmajor

MUS:1066 Introduction to Film Music

MUS:1301 Concepts and Contexts of Western Music

MUS:1302 Great Musicians

MUS:1310 World Music

MUS:1720 History of Jazz

MUS:2005 Issues in Popular Music: Women Who Rock

MUS:2301 History of Music I

MUS:2302 History of Music II

MUS: Music of Latin America and the Caribbean

Completed by taking MUS courses numbered 3000 or higher OR

MUS:1160 University Band

MUS:1165 Hawkeye Marching Band

MUS:1176 Women's Chorale

MUS:1201 Musicianship and Theory I

MUS:1202 Musicianship and Theory II

MUS:2203 Musicianship and Theory III

MUS:2204 Musicianship and Theory IV

Philosophy (PHIL) N/A

PHIL:1033 The Meaning of Life

PHIL:1034 Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness

PHIL:1861 Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL:2402 Introduction to Ethics

Completed by taking PHIL courses numbered 2000 or higher
Political Science (POLI) N/A

POLI:1100 Introduction to American Politics

POLI:1200 Introduction to Political Behavior

POLI:1300 Introduction to Political Thought and Action

POLI:1400 Introduction to Comparative Politics

POLI:1401 Introduction to the Politics of Russia and Eurasia

POLI:1403 Introduction to Politics in the Muslim World

POLI:1500 Introduction to International Relations

POLI:1501 Introduction to American Foreign Policy

POLI:1600 Introduction to Political Communication

POLI:2415 Latin American Politics

POLI:3412 Government and Politis of Europe

POLI:3413 Russian Politics

POLI:3414 Government and Politics of the Far East

Completed by taking POLI departmental couses level 2000 or higher
Psychology (PSY) N/A

PSY:1001 Elementary Psychology

PSY:2301 Introduction to Clinical Psychology

PSY:2401 Introduction to Developmental Science

PSY:2601 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

Completed by taking PSY courses

You may petition to have 6 s.h of 3000-4000 level PSY courses apply towards an .Elective Focus Area

Religious Studies (RELS) N/A

RELS:1001 The Judeo-Christian Tradition 

RELS:1021 Judaism: The Sacred and the Secular

RELS:1070 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament 

RELS:1080 Introduction to the New Testament

RELS:1130 Introduction to Islamic Civilization

RELS:1225 Medieval Religion and Culture

RELS:1250 Modern Religion and Culture

RELS:1350 Introduction to African American Religions

RELS:1404 Living Religions of the East

RELS:1506 Introduction to Buddhism

RELS:1702 Religion in America Today

RELS:1810 Longing for Freedom

RELS:1903 Quest for Human Destiny

RELS:2351 Religious Thinkers of the West

RELS:2700 Sacred World of Native Americans

RELS:2852 Women in Islam and the Middle East

RELS:2986 Religion and Women

RELS:3855 Human Rights and Islam

Completed by taking RELS courses