Davis Appointed to College of Engineering Advisory Board

Steven Davis, president and owner of BIO::NEOS, Inc., has been appointed to a four-year term as a member of the University of Iowa College of Engineering

Advisory Board, beginning in October 2015.

Davis also is a graduate of the university with a BS degree in computer science in 2001 and an MS degree in electrical and computer engineering in 2003.

Bio::Neos was founded over 10 years ago to provide innovative software solutions to all areas of the life sciences.  The company provides expertise to genetics-related and bioinformatics software, especially in the field of target identification.

The Advisory Board provides value to the college in developing and achieving its strategic plan/vision.  The board provides advice by drawing upon perspectives, knowledge, and experiences from global trends.  Meanwhile, the college provides awareness and knowledge of new technologies and educational trends, and informs the board of its progress in achieving the strategic plan.

Board members benefit by being part of ongoing communication between the world of engineering education as represented by the college and the full spectrum of engineering activities.