Hometown Hawkeye: B.J. Do

Having an Electrical and Computer Engineering background, with its stringent curriculum helped UI Engineering alumnus BJ Do develop a strong work ethic and

discipline, enabling him to found ABC Virtual in Des Moines, IA.  While it didn't quite prepare BJ for the practical, everyday work, it formed a great work ethic and helped him realize that good preparation and organization builds good understanding; and in turn, it helped him solve problems and produce good results.

Do also learned that hard work could outlast talent, especially in the long run. Having the right attitude, passion, and a spirit of team work are fundamental to his success -- and ABC Virtual uses this philosophy when the company recruits, coaches, and develops its team.

The decision to headquarter ABC Virtual in Iowa was based on the concept that if BJ Do can't win at home, in Iowa, then it is much tougher to win on the road.  Additionally, Iowa's excellent education provides talented resources at home, and the Internet allows ABC Virtual to work efficiently and around the clock with its second office in Vietnam -- proving that ABC Virtual can reach out for the right talent across the globe to scale its business and compete virtually anywhere, while also remaining in Iowa roots