EE Undergraduate Curriculum

  • The curriculum is designed to ensure an appropriate level of technical depth and breadth for all students while providing maximum flexibility and the opportunity for students to customize their programs according to their own personal objectives.
  • Scholarship Opportunities in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Admissions information

  • The Office of Admissions provides general information for students interested in The University of Iowa, including a photo-tour of the campus, information for transfer students, scholarship opportunities, campus visits, and more.
  • Applications for admission can be completed in one of three methods. The fastest way is to apply online. You can also download a printable application from this site and get it in the mail to us at your convenience. If you prefer, you can request a printed application to be mailed to you.
  • Student Records Information for the College of Engineering provides answers to commonly asked questions regarding CLEP/AP credit, transfer credit guidelines, curriculum sheets, and registration information.
  • The College of Engineering homepage provides general information about the UI College of Engineering and links to the six programs within the College of Engineering.
  • The University of Iowa provides maps, ranging from regional maps to maps of campus buildings, to visitors to campus.

Student opportunities & services

  • The College of Engineering and the College of Business each provide a program in entrepreneurship for engineers. These programs offer a unique and valuable opportunity to engineering students to learn about starting a business, obtaining patents, etc.
  • The UI Study Abroad Program and the College of Engineering's International Program provide opportunities for U.S. citizens to study abroad.
  • The UI Honors Program provides special academic opportunities to students who are highly motivated.
  • Women in Science and Engineering provides a mentoring program and a learning community for women pursuing fields in science or engineering.
  • The UI International Programs provide support and opportunities for international students attending The University of Iowa.
  • The College of Engineering Ambassador Program makes available current engineering students who offer support and information to prospective and other current engineering students.
  • The UI Computing Services and the College of Engineering's Computing Services each provide computer equipment and support for engineering students.