Abramoff, Michael D. -  Professor

  • Education: M.S., M.D., University of Amsterdam, Netherlands; Ph.D. University of Utecht, Netherlands
  • Research Interests: Functional imaging of the retina, diabetic retinopathy, telediagnosis of retinal disease, computer aided diagnosis of retinal disease, effectiveness of retinal imaging on outcome

Boggess, Tom - Professor

  • Education: B.S. Lamar University; M.S., Ph.D. North Texas State University
  • Research Interests: Nonlinear optics, ultrafast spectroscopy, laser science

Braun, Terry - Associate Professor

  • Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Iowa; M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Iowa; Ph.D. Genetics, University of Iowa
  • Research Interests: Genetics, bioinformatics and computational genetics, macular degeneration.

Demir, Ibrahim - Assistant Professor

  • Education: B.S., Bosphorus University; M.S., Gebze Institute of Technology; Ph.D., University of Georgia
  • Research Interests: Hydroinformatics, Environmental Information Systems; Scientific Visualization; Cyber Systems Design and Development; Machine Intelligence, Data Analytics, Information and Communication Technologies.

Flatte, Michael E. - Professor

  • Education: B.A., Harvard University; Ph.D. University of California-Santa Barbara
  • Research Interests: Optoelectronic and magnetic properties of semiconductors, superconductivity

Prineas, John - Associate Professor

  • Education: B.A. Carleton College; Ph.D. University of Arizona
  • Research Interests: Epitaxial growth of compound semiconductors; spectroscopy; materials research; nanoscience.

Scheetz, Todd - Associate Professor

  • Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering University of Iowa; M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering University of Iowa; Ph.D. Genetics University of Iowa
  • Research Interests: Alternative splicing, regulation of gene expression, disease gene identification, molecular genetics of disease, computational genomics, distributed computing and parallel processing, software tools.

Schnell, Thomas- Associate Professor

  • Education: B.S., Tech-Bern-Switzerland; M.S., Ph.D. Ohio University
  • Research Interests: Human factors, driver behavior assessment and measurement, accident analyses, perception and information processing, sensory capabilities and limitations, industrial hygiene; computer simulation (traffic engineering or manufacturing), statistical analysis and modeling, software and database design, intelligent systems, image processing and vision systems

Siochi, Alf - Assistant Professor 

  • Education: B.S. (Physics) Ateneo de Manila, Philippines; MS, PhD (Physics) Virginia Tech; MS (Radiological Physics) University of Cincinnati.
  • Research Interests: Algorithm development for clinical applications in Radiation Therapy (4DRT, IMRT), quality assurance, and dose calculation.

Smirl, Arthur L. - Professor

  • Education: B.S. Lamar University; M.S.E. University of Michigan; M.S., Ph.D. University of Arizona 
  • Research Interests: Laser physics, nonlinear optics, ultrafast electronics