Track Courses

The ECE curriculum is built on a common core of electrical and computer engineering courses taken by all students. Beginning in the sophomore year students select either the electrical or computer curricular track and begin taking more specialized courses. The Electrical track is intended to provide a broad background in electrical engineering concepts and practice that prepares students for graduate study or electrical engineering careers in a wide range of industries and organizations. The Computer track provides focus and depth for students preparing for graduate study, or a career in computer hardware or software engineering.

Electrical Track Courses: Curriculum Guide

55:043 (ECE:3400) Linear Systems II
55:041 (ECE:3410) Electronic Circuits
55:050 (ECE:3500) Communications Systems
55:060 (ECE:3600) Control Systems
55:072 (ECE:3720) EE Materials and Devices

Computer Track Courses: Accelerated Curriculum Guide, Regular Curriculum Guide

22C:019 (CS:1310) Discrete Structures
55:033 (ECE:3330) Software Design
55:035 (ECE:3350) Computer Architecture
55:036 (ECE:3360) Embedded Systems and System Software
22C:031 (CS:3310) Algorithms and Data Structures