Undergraduate Program

What are electrical and computer engineers? 

Electrical and computer engineers make vital contributions to nearly all facets of modern society through their work in areas such as computer systems, software applications, medical imaging, robotics, wireless communications, and fiber optics.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers two distinct majors. Click on the headings below, for more information.

The EE program provides students with a strong theoretical and experimental understanding of the principles underlying hardware and software, ranging from device physics and Internet of Things (IOT) to medical imaging and electronics, embedded systems, and control systems engineering. Students may opt to specialize in any of these areas as well as others including: electrical power generation and distribution, medical image processing, computer systems, or design of micro- and nano-scale optical and electronic devices. The CSE program combines the technical content of a computer science degree and a computer engineering degree in a single degree program.  The program curriculum is jointly taught by faculty from the Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science Departments.  The program provides students with a strong theoretical and conceptual understanding of the principles underlying computer software and hardware along with the engineering analysis, design and multidisciplinary teamwork skills needed to develop large and complex systems containing both software and hardware components. Please see our FAQ page!