ECE Focus Area: Semiconductor Devices (Electrical)


Students majoring in ECE with a Semiconductor emphasis develop the devices, systems, and technologies used to implement modern electronics devices and systems. Further, they support research into new technologies that e.g. will extend Moore's Law into the future.

Depending on the courses selected, completion of semiconductor area coursework can provide additional understanding of topics in quantum mechanics, semiconductor device fabrication, and solid state devices.

Students interested in this EFA are encouraged to consider the course suggestions listed below when completing their Plan of Study Form.

EE Electrical Track Requirements Suggested Options
Track Electrical Track
Depth Elective
(Select One)
ECE:5700 Advanced Electromagnetic Theory
Breadth Elective
(Select One)
ECE:3360 Embedded Systems
5000-Level ECE Elective
(Select Two)
All 5000-level depth electives listed above and


ECE:5720 Solid State Physical Electronics
ECE:5790 Electro-optics (Same as: PHYS:4726)
Technical Elective
(Select Three)
All breadth, depth and 5000-level ECE electives listed above and


PHYS:3741 Intro. to Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS:3742 Intro. to Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS:3710 Intermediate Laboratory
PHYS:3750 Fund. of Micro & Nanofabrication
ECE:4728 Intro. to Solid State Physics (Same as: PHYS:4728)
Additional Elective
(Select One*)
Any of the above OR course selected in consultation with advisor.


* Students graduating before Fall 2017 are required to select two additional electives.

Advising Notes

  • A Physics minor can be earned by completing PHYS:2703, PHYS:2704, and 7-8 sh of 4000-level Physics courses.
  • A minor in Mathematics can be earned by including one qualifying Math course in the EFA plan.

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