Approved Computer Science FA Elective Courses

Course Code Title Hours
CS:3700 Elementary Numerical Analysis 3
CS:4330 Theory of Computation (if not used to satisfy theory elective) 3
CS:4350 Logic in Computer Science (if not used to satisfy theory elective) 3
CS:4400 Database Systems 3
CS:4420 Artificial Intelligence 3
CS:4440 Web Mining 3
CS:4470 Health Data Analytics 3
ECE:4480/CS:4480 Knowledge Discovery 3
CS:4500 Research Methods in HCI 3
CS:4630 Mobile Computing 3
CS:4640 Computer Security 3
CS:4700 High Performance and Parallel Computing 3
CS:4720 Optimization Techniques 3
CS:4740 Large Data Analysis 3
CS:4980 Topics in Computer Science 3
CS:5340 Limits of Computation (Formerly CS:4340) 3
CS:5350 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
CS:5360 Randomized Algorithms 3
CS:5370 Computational Geometry 3
CS:5430 Machine Learning 3
CS:5610 High Performance Computer Architecture 3
CS:5620 Distributed Systems and Algorithms 3
CS:5630 Cloud Computing Technology 3
CS:5710 Numerical Analysis Nonlinear Equation Approximation Theory 3
CS:5720 Numerical Analysis: Differential Equations and Linear Algebra 3
ECE:5800/CS:5800 Fundamentals of Software Engineering 3
ECE:5810/CS:5810 Formal Methods in Software Engineering 3
ECE:5820/CS:5820 Software Engineering Languages and Tools 3
ECE:5830/CS:5830 Software Engineering Project 3
CS:5850 Programming Language Foundations 3
CS:5860 Lambda Calculus and Applications 3
CS:5980 Topics in Computer Science III 3

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