ECE Course Offering Schedule

The following table provides the regular offering of  ECE courses by semester.  Occasionally elective courses may not be offered if enrollment is low or if a topics course on a similar topic is being offered.

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
ENGR:2120 Electrical Circuits ENGR:2120 Electrical Circuits ENGR:2120 Electrical Circuits
ENGR:2730 Computers in Engineering    ENGR:2730 Computers in Engineering  
ECE:2400 Linear Systems I ECE:2400 Linear Systems I  
ECE:3320 Digital Design ECE:2410 Principles of Electronic Instrumentation      
ECE:3330 Software Design ECE:3330 Software Design  
ECE:3360 Embedded Systems ECE:3360 Embedded Systems  
ECE:3410 Electronic Circuits ECE:3350 Computer Architecture & Organization  
ECE:3400 Linear Systems II ECE:3500 Communication Systems  
ECE:3540 Communication Networks ECE:3600 Control Systems  
ECE:3700 Electromagnetic Theory ECE:3720 Semiconductor Devices  
ECE:3000 Professional Seminar    
ECE:4880 Principles of ECE Design ECE:4880 Principles of ECE Design  
ECE:4890 ECE Senior Design ECE:4890 ECE Senior Design  
ECE:5210 Bioninformatics Techniques ECE:5220 Computational Genomics  
ECE:5300 Switching Theory ECE:5320 High Performance Computer Architecture  
ECE:5420 Power Electronics (odd years) ECE:5330 Graph Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization  
ECE:5450 Machine Learning ECE:5380 Testing Digital Logic Circuits (odd years)  
ECE:5460 Digital Signal Processing ECE:5410 Advanced Circuit Techniques (even years)  
ECE:5470 Medical Imaging Physics  ECE:5430 Electric Drive Systems (even years)  
ECE:5480 Digital Image Processing ECE:5490 Multi-Dimensional Image Analysis Tools (odd years)  
ECE:5520 Introduction to Information and Coding Theories ECE:5500 Communication Theory  
ECE:5530 Wireless Sensor Networks ECE:5550 Internet of Things  
ECE:5600 Control Theory ECE:5620 Electric Power Systems (odd years)  
ECE:5630 Sustainable Energy Conversion (even years) ECE:5640 Computer-Based Control Systems  
  ECE:5700 Advanced Electromagnetic Theory  
  ECE:5780 Optical Signal Processing (even years)  
  ECE:5790 Electro Optics (odd years)  

It is critical for students to take the courses in the listed semester to avoid delaying their graduation. For example,

  • If a student does not take ENGR:2120 in the fall,  this student would not be able take the required course ECE:2400 in the spring.
  • If a EE Computer-track student does not take ENGR:2730 in the spring, this student would not be able to take the required courses CS:2210 or ECE:3330 in the fall.
  • If an EE Electrical-track student does not take  ECE:2400 in spring, this student would not be able take the required course ECE:3410 in the fall.