ECE Focus Area: Computer Networks (CSE)

Computer Networks EFA


Network engineers design, develop and configure, and maintain the high-speed wired and wireless digital networks that carry vast amounts of data, enabling the Internet, cell phones, television, and every other kind of electronic information exchange.

This EFA combines a background in computer hardware and software (gained through the computer track of the curriculum) with additional knowledge of computer networks, communication theory, and computer security.

Students pursuing this EFA may find employment with companies that design and manufacture networking products such as modems, routers, and switches, telecommunication providers, and companies that design and deploy network technologies

Students interested in this EFA are encouraged to consider the course suggestions listed below when completing their Plan of Study Form.

Computer Science and Engineering Requirements Suggested Options
Theory Elective
(Select one)

CS:4720 Optimization Techniques

CS:5340 Limits of Computation

5000-Level ECE Elective
(Select one)
ECE:5300 Switching Theory
ECE:5520 Information and Coding Theory
ECE:5330 Graph Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization (Same as: IGPI:5331)
ECE:5520 Information and Coding Theory (Prerequisites: ECE:3500 )
ECE:5530 Wireless Sensor Networks (Prerequisites: ECE:3500 )
ECE:5500 Communication Theory (Prerequisites: ECE:3500 )
ECE Elective
(Select one)
All 5000-level ECE electives listed above, and
ECE:3400 Linear System II
4000-level or above CS Elective
(Select one)
CS:5620 Distributed Systems and Algorithms
CS:4640 Computer Security
CS:4630 Mobile Computing
CS Elective
(Select one)
All 4000-level and above CS electives listed above, and
Additional Electives
(Select one 3 s.h. & one ≥2 s.h.)
Any of the above OR courses selected in consultation with advisor.
ECE:3500 Communication Systems (Prerequisites: ECE:3400)

Advising Notes

  • Several of the advanced courses in this EFA require a prerequisite of ECE:3500 which, in turn, requires ECE:3400 as a prerequisite. Due to this prerequisite chain, careful planning and consultation with your academic advisor is necessary.

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