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Radio Frequency circuit design is the sub-discipline of electrical engineering that deals with the design, manufacture and testing of electronic circuits that operate in the RF portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. This portion of the spectrum includes frequencies that are commonly used for wireless communication systems. RF circuits are therefore an important and essential part of any device with wireless connectivity which includes most modern computers, IoT devices etc.

A distinguishing feature of RF circuits is that the propagation time of the electrical signals through the circuit is comparable with the timescale of the signal oscillations themselves. This requires a specialized set of circuit design and analysis tools that are distinct from both low frequency electronics and optics. RF design engineers are among the most sought-after and highest paid engineering professionals.
Students interested in this FA are encouraged to consider the course suggestions listed below when completing their Plan of Study Form.

Electrical Track Requirements Suggested Options



Depth Elective

ECE:5415 Radio Frequency Electronics

Breadth Elective

ECE:3540 Communication Networks

5000-Level ECE Elective
(Select Two)

ECE:5410 Advanced Circuit Techniques
ECE:5700 Advanced Electromagnetic Theory
ECE:5995 Antennas
ECE:5500 Communication Theory
ECE:5520 Information and Coding Theory
ECE:5460 Digital Signal Processing 

ECE Elective
(Select One)
All breadth, depth and 5000-level ECE electives listed above. 

Technical Elective
(Select One)

All breadth, depth, and 5000-level ECE electives listed above. 

Additional Electives
(Select one 3 s.h. & one ≥2 s.h.)

Any of the above OR courses selected in consultation with advisor. 














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